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Angkor Photo Festival

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Angkor Photo Festival
The Angkor Photography Festival ( brings together people of diverse nationalities and cultures in the spirit of creativity and exchange. It offers print exhibitions and outdoor projections by renowned artists and photojournalists, but it is not only about them. By offering free workshops for young Asian photographers and developing outreach projects for disenfranchised Cambodian youth, participants contribute their art and their time, demonstrating that photography can change lives.

The Outreach Program began in 2005 for Siem Reap’s street children, the majority of whose parents are handicapped from landmine blasts or afflicted with AIDS. Workshops were conducted by renowned photographers and dancers to stimulate the Siem Reap street children in their perception and articulation of the world. The children created a photographic mosaic with pictures of their families, homes, hospitals and tourists as well as street life. A renowned choreographer and art therapist organized related workshops on self-expression. The children worked on the link between photography and memory through dance. They produced a vibrant multimedia show that was presented on the closing days of the festival and they will continue to be the heart of the festival.

This festival aims to be an enduring presence through its ongoing educational programs. Having engaged with the street children, the festival resolved to provide them with the tools necessary to break the cycle of poverty. At the end of the 2005 festival, an educational program was established in collaboration with a local NGO, The Life and Hope Association. Today, thirty-five children benefit from a curriculum of daily Khmer, English and math classes as well as food and health assistance.

The photography and dance classes continue. This photo-dance performance has given birth to a show that is performed publicly once a week by the troupe. FOKCI supports the publication of a book of the children’s photographic works that will be published in late 2007. Sales of the book will fund the Outreach Program.